Active Shooter Awareness and Preparedness

Active Shooter Awareness and Preparedness (ASAP)

Guest Speaker: Officer Greg Barthlome


Can you look at a situation and just know that it’s not right, without needing to know why it’s not right? Active Shooter Awareness and Preparedness is a training based seminar offering a variety of ways to safeguard yourself and others in potential life-threatening situations by way of thought provoking scenarios and shared experience. This is designed to encourage proactive thinking, preparation, and promote awareness regarding both individual safety and in an active shooter situation. This training will cover how to recognize threats, personal safety measures including safety items and strategies, preparing you on how to act by creating an emergency action plan, and what to do when law enforcement arrives. This class will also cover the perimeters of the legal system you’re able to act within as a means of self-defense, including the potential use of force. Preparedness is not paranoia, it’s better to have the knowledge and resources to act, rather than get caught reacting and not know what to do. We are excited to bring this training to educate and safeguard our community.

Cost: $129.99 per student 

Duration: 4 Hours 



Recommended ITEMS

  • Note Pad 
  • Pen