Private Training

Pistol & Rifle Skills

Basic safety, firearm handling, accuracy, shooting fundamentals and more. We will work with you no matter the skill level. 

Pricing: $124.99 ( individual per hour )


Fundamental Building 

Improve upon your accuracy, gain mechanical skills, build muscle memory and grow comfort and confidence!

 Pricing: $124.99 ( individual per hour)


Next Level Skills 

Learn to draw from holster OWB or IWB, problem solve malfunctions, gain speed and accuracy, reload drills, shoot from off hand and much more!   We are here to help you achieve new heights.

Pricing: $124.99 ( individual per hour )

Learning New Optics

Irons are traditional but optics on handguns are becoming increasingly popular! Let us help you learn how to use pistol optics.

Pricing: $124.99 ( individual per hour )

Concealed Carry Building

Let us help you build confidence when it comes to the world of concealed carry. Learn to draw safely and be accurate. Also learn situational awareness and what daily carry really means.

Pricing: $124.99 ( individual per hour )


Learn how to break down and properly maintain a firearm. 

Pricing: $124.99 ( individual per hour )


*Please Note* These are all examples of the types of private training we have to offer. To find an instructor and get scheduled please fill out our form and we will reach out to you.