Intro To Pistol

CLASSROOM and range

Intro to Pistol ( 3 hour class ) 

Class Description: 

This class is ideal for first time firearm owners!

Join us in our Intro to Pistol class! 

We will be covering topics such as: Operations of a handgun, Handling, Grip, Stance, Presentation, Ready positions, Sight alignment, Trigger pull, Malfunctions, as well as going through five different drills on the range! 

Cost per student: $149.99

Class Capacity: 10 Students

Training aids will be available.




  • Signed participation waiver
  • Personal Handgun ( Rentals Available ) 
  • Eye and Ear Protection ( Rentals Available ) 
  • 1-2 magazines 
  • 50-100 rounds of ammo 
  • All firearms and ammo cased 


* Handgun rental is available for this class
** We provide hearing and eye protection if needed