Take your training to the next level

Our diverse team of instructors are here to help you grow in your knowledge and application of firearms training! Learn a little about who they are and their experience below!

yoshi cheesing_
Triple J Armory Lead Instructor Yoshi Horosha

Yoshi has been shooting for most of his life, since his father started him young, but training heavily over the last 6 years, taking a multitude of classes in tactics, combatives, medical, and many other disciplines earning himself TCCC Certification, as well as completing coursework from many different firearms training companies around the state of Colorado. He brings up the civilian aspect with no time served in a military/LEO element, but has worked hard to hone his craft and become well versed and highly skilled in his fields having been trained by instructors from multiple branches of the military. One of the many things Yoshi likes to train and work on is medical skills and building infallible foundations for newer shooters and experienced shooters alike.

Ray Ramirez - Instructor

Ray comes with a vast array of skills and experience, having trained firearms and weapons handling for over 5 years. Ray strives for quality and will not settle for less. Ray believes in sharing his knowledge and what he’s learned over the years with as many people as possible in order to make gun ownership safe and responsible for everyone who want to exercise their Seconded Amendment Rights.

Bree Norton - Women's Program Director

 I volunteer a lot of my time encouraging women to empower themselves in the world of firearms and personal protection. Through education, I hope to promote more knowledgeable and safer communities filled with citizens capable of defending and protecting themselves. As an instructor I love teaching firearm safety, safe gun handling and the fundamentals. I specialize in new shooter familiarization, working to build confidence while minimizing fear and maximizing comfort in shooting. Though, I have a range of knowledge including how to re-train our mindset, situational awareness, youth training, and more. I offer a variety of classes, as well as private instruction designed for you and what you want to learn.  As a certified NRA instructor and AWA Shooting Chapter Leader, I volunteer my time serving a community of women how to be their own defender and first responder. I love what I get to do!