Take your training to the next level

Our diverse team of instructors are here to help you grow in your knowledge and application of firearms training! Learn a little about who they are and their experience below!

Ray Ramirez - Lead Instructor

Ray comes with a vast array of skills and experience, having trained firearms and weapons handling for over 5 years. Ray strives for quality and will not settle for less. Ray believes in sharing his knowledge and what he’s learned over the years with as many people as possible in order to make gun ownership safe and responsible for everyone who want to exercise their Seconded Amendment Rights.

Bree Norton - Women's Program Director

 I volunteer a lot of my time encouraging women to empower themselves in the world of firearms and personal protection. Through education, I hope to promote more knowledgeable and safer communities filled with citizens capable of defending and protecting themselves. As an instructor I love teaching firearm safety, safe gun handling and the fundamentals. I specialize in new shooter familiarization, working to build confidence while minimizing fear and maximizing comfort in shooting. Though, I have a range of knowledge including how to re-train our mindset, situational awareness, youth training, and more. I offer a variety of classes, as well as private instruction designed for you and what you want to learn.  As a certified NRA instructor and AWA Shooting Chapter Leader, I volunteer my time serving a community of women how to be their own defender and first responder. I love what I get to do! 

Austin Profile Pic
Austin Norcross - Instructor

As a current Non-Commissioned Officer with over 13 years of service in the Colorado Army National Guard, Austin has been assigned to many units. 8 years with the 1/157th Infantry, and most recent years as a Colorado National Guard Marksmanship Instructor. His marksmanship accolades include: Colorado National Guard Marksmanship Team 9 years, National Guard Marksmanship Training Center – All Guard International Combat Team 4 years, Double Distinguished Marksman in both Rifle & Pistol Disciplines, Governors 20 Marksmanship recipient, Chiefs 50 Marksmanship recipient, 2023 Armed Forces Skills at Arms International Champion. Austin enjoys spending time with family and friends. Talk with him if you are interested in shooting for the National Guard or if you just want to hone your skill at any level!

Jake Profile Pic 2
Jake Watson - Instructor

Jake is an avid outdoorsman, hunter, and United States Marine Corps veteran. Jake has been shooting and hunting with his dad since before he was 10 years old. He spent 4 years in the Marines as an aviation ordnance specialist. During his time in the Marine Corps, Jake qualified as a rifle expert every year. Jake is a strong believer in personal freedom but especially your right to resist against unjust force of any kind, and enjoys helping people get equipped and trained to whatever level they desire.