Transitions 201

Classroom and Range

Transitions 201 ( 4 Hour Course ) 

We require that you have taken either Pistol 201, Rifle 201 or both at a minimum before taking this course. *

Course Description:

Join us for our Transitions 201 Course!

The first portion of this class will be held in the classroom. We will start with a safety brief and gear check. In this course you will go over topics such as: Transitioning from rifle to pistol and back in a safe and effective manor, transitioning while on the move and transitioning while under stress, from altered positions and using methods of cover and concealment.

In the range you will safely and effectively run drills to practice these elements. Please note that anyone who fails to safely and effectively run drills will be asked to leave and or reschedule for a lower level class upon the instructors discretion.  

Cost per student: $149.99

Class Capacity: 10 students

Overbooking: In the event a class is overbooked you will be contacted by Triple J Armory Staff to reschedule.




  • Range / Battle Belt ( Highly Recommended ) 


  • Signed participation waiver
  • Eye and Ear Protection ( Rentals Available ) 
  • Personal Rifle ( Limited Rentals )
  • Personal Pistol ( Limited Rentals )
  • 3 Magazines per platform
  • 2 Magazine Pouches per platform 
  • 150-200 rounds of ammo per platform 
  • All firearms and ammo cased 


* Rifle rental is available for this class ( Limited ) 
** We provide hearing and eye protection if needed