Concealed Carry 201

CLASSROOM and range

Concealed Carry 201 ( 4 hour class ) 

Class Description: 

Join us in our Concealed Carry 201 class!

The first portion of this class will be held in the classroom. We will go over a safety brief and preform a gear check. In this class you will learn about topics such as: Moving off the X, TCCC ( Tactical Combat Casualty Care ), Engaging multiple targets, Identify cover vs concealment, shoot vs no shoot situations and more! 

In the range you will go over what you previously learned in the classroom and students will participate in different drills to practice our concealed carry skills. 

This course does not provide you with the certificate you need for a CCW Permit. It is designed to help you advance the skills that come with being a concealed carry permit holder. 

Cost per student: $149.99 

Class Capacity: 10 Students

Training aids will be available. 




  • Signed participation waiver
  • Personal Handgun 
  • In the waistband holster ( Kydex or hard plastic only ) 
  • Eye and Ear Protection ( Rentals Available ) 
  • 1-2 magazines ( Magazine Pouches Recommended ) 
  • 100-150 rounds of ammo 
  • All firearms and ammo cased 


** We provide hearing and eye protection if needed