TASER Course


TASER Course ( 4 hour class ) 

Class Description: 

This class is ideal for anyone who has no desire to carry a firearm, anyone not ready to carry a firearm, or anyone 18-21 years of age who cannot yet legally conceal carry a firearm, but wants to carry something to protect themselves!

Join our Certified Civilian TASER Instructor Brittney Norton in our TASER Course! 

We will be covering: Safety and Operations of the TASER Pulse+, overview of the EW Technology, other TASER Self-defense tools, concealed carrying of the TASER Pulse+, other Less-Lethal tools, suggested training drills, as well as firing one TASER cartridge for practice and experience (one cartridge per person)! This is a great class to bring a friend to! After the class you will leave with a certificate of completion. 

*Please note this certificate is not valid for for the application of CCW permits. You do not need a CCW permit to carry the TASER Pulse+.

Cost per student: $129.99 

Class Capacity: 15 Students

Training aids will be available.




  • Signed participation waiver 
  • Valid ID
  • Pen and Paper 


** We provide hearing and eye protection if needed