Night Vision 101

CLASSROOM and range

Night Vision 101 ( 4 hour course ) 

Class Description: 

In Night Vision 101 students will begin to practice the use of NVGs with live fire drills. In this course you will go over topics such as: how to focus NVGs for shooting, how to zero IR systems, Passive vs Active aiming, how to clear malfunctions under NVGs, Using white light with night vision, keeping situational awareness and more! 

 * Must have taken Pistol and Rifle 101 at the minimum

Cost per student: $199.99

Class Capacity: 10 Students

Training aids will be available.




  • Signed participation waiver
  • Personal handgun and rifle ( red dot recommended for both )  
  • Weapon light for handgun and rifle
  • Belt system with mag carriers and holster ( No leather, no serpa )  
  • Eye and Ear Protection ( Rentals Available ) 
  • 2 magazines per firearm  
  • 100-150 rounds of ammo per firearm 
  • All firearms and ammo cased
  • NVG Setup ( Rentals will be available for additional cost )  


** We provide hearing and eye protection if needed