Find Your Fit


Class Title: Find YOUR Fit

The idea of concealed carry can be incredibly overwhelming because of how many products there are, and different ways to carry! What is a “claw”? How does a “Belly Band” work? How do I carry for my body type? This class is perfect for women 1) considering concealed carry, 2) are ready to conceal carry, or 3) want to change-up how they currently carry. This is a starting point to get you set-up with the right carry gear for you! After this class, we recommend connecting with Bree ( our women’s program director ) to take it to the next level, where we can start dry-fire and live-fire from concealment. 

Course Covers:

Firearm Safety
Concealed Carry v. Open Carry
On-Body v. Off-Body
Types of Holsters Additions and Other Carry Options
Where to Carry for YOUR Body Type
How to Draw from Concealment
How to Holster Your Firearm
How to Style for Best Concealment
Dedication to Training & Dry-Fire

BONUS: You will get to try on a variety of concealed carry options! This class will help you find the best carry option for you, so you can make the right purchase decision. Many carry styles are an investment. I want to help you find the right option for YOU before buying a bunch, only to discover that none of them work for you. In trying-on options, this will also give you the added benefit of knowing what firearm is most comfortable for you to carry. Especially if you’re still shopping for the right firearm for you.

ATTIRE: As a recommendation, wear some sort of compression short or pants, like bike shorts or leggings. This is a women’s only class and everyone will be trying on different options together. Tight-fitted bottoms will allow you to try-on holsters over your clothing while getting the best feel for each option. You are welcome to bring a pair of Sweats, Jeans, or Work Pants as well. If you’re interested in the Flashbang, consider under-wire.

Duration: 3-Hours

Cost per student: $89.99

Class Compacity: 15 Students




  • Firearm Safety 
  • Concealed VS Open Carry 
  • On body VS Off Body 
  • How to carry 
  • Where to carry 
  • Drawing 
  • Dry Fire 
*Please Note: You will not need a firearm for this class